Undefined fate (Visual novel written in flash *Aborted*)

This time i want to make a RPG game playing in the world of Stalker(COP).

As usual i used Flash to code this one and i implemented a minigame where you have to search/collect the artifacts.
As the basic game i planned a RPG game with turn based fights so far and of course a VN story.
For the moment i planned 2 heroines (a Human girl & a Monstergirl.) and the male protagonist.

The protagonist tries his luck in the so called *Zone* to search and gather for artifacts in Prypjat.
It´s a dangerous place where many Monsters (No monstergirls , i mean the bad ones) life.
You are new in the zone and you try to collect as much artifacts as you can to ensure you a better life in your future.

Play in browser (needs Flash)

– This version is just a demo version for testing purpose