New public AATOFL version 0.54

I uploaded a new public version for AATOFL : Link to more informations and the download links

Here are all the changes from 0.35 to 0.54 so far:

Change log : 0.53 to 0.54
– Fixed : Aemi’s generic immobilisation attach event should now work correctly
– Fixed : Free romaing dialouge box scrolling was not responding as planned
– Fixed : Towerdefense -> lowered navmesh radius so constructor *should* not get stuck anymore (i hope xD)
– Fixed : After 3D printer event the *find VIvian’S normal plugs* should now work agaion without getting the player stuck
– Added : Lip color changer device in crew quarters
– Added : About 200 VN frames (Lip stick device event)

Change log : 0.45 to 0.53
– Added : About 2600 VN frames (free roaming mode mostly)
– Added : Metal armbinders
– Added : A special attachment for the Metal armbinders
– Added : New special shaped plugs for Vivian and Aemi
– Added : The simple bondage thing from Vivians Cabin as generic event
– Added : The towerdefense game (currently only as unqie event)
– Added : The Xcross Table (only avaliable after towerdefense game)
– Added : Savegame alternative workaround (mostly for Linux and MAC users)
– Added : More events for the AI live script (mostly for the new toys)
– Added : Some clothes for Vivian and Aemi (after towerdefense game)
– Fixed : Several issues with the free roaming mode AI live scripts
– Fixed : Many little bugs ^_^
– Changed : Some technical things for the AI live script (those are the things you do not see xD)

-Tips for the towerdefense game section-
– Where to find :Event starts in the sex android shop in the crew quarters (the VR devices) ,speak with Aemi ,look into your ship and then speak with Aemi again.
– Some gameplay tips :
– You can build two fast shot towers in the begining
– After that build a shield and then.. ahm.. play.. (it is very easy…i hope >_<) - Enemys can be stopped with the ice cannon (but they will destroy the cannon if they gor trapped and are near enough for hit) - Enemys can destroy the shields (but the shieldcharges will stay) - You can cheat with ctrl+W and ctrl+L =] Change log : 0.35 to 0.45 - Added : About 2500 VN frames (free roaming mode and story) - Added : Crew quarter section and story - Added : Milk machine generic event - Added : Armbinder (only the rope for now) - Added : More AI live events - Added : one more teasing event for Aemi/Vivian - Added : A few more clothing options - Added : Chastity trail minigame (only used in the story currently) - Added : Several little things i forgot >_< - Added : Selfbondage AI live events (can be disallowed after crew quarter section story) - Fixed : Several issues with the free roaming mode AI live script - Fixed : Aemis hancuff event can now be finished - Fixed : Several clipping issues (mostly doors) - Changed : Many events , if the armbinders are equiped (hope i got all xD) - Changed : More time for the hacking game