Milky Ways public beta 0.70.1

Open beta of Milky ways version 70.1

Download win 64bit : Download

Download MAC (unsupported) : Download

Download LINUX (unsupported) : Download

change log : Version 0.70.1
– Fixed A serious issue with the AI life system which corrupted the game and savefiles
– Fixed When played in one sitting , th chasitzy suit was not able to be given to Maya

change log : Version 0.70
– Added about 300 VN frames (only generic , no story events)
– Added Syringe can now be used as generic event
– Added Maya and Malia will now interact with each other (Maya needs to be in the Yukaris base)
– Added Clothing option : No cloththing xD (Maya needs to be in the Yukaris base)
– Added Yukari can also interact but must be questioned first
– Added Yukaris skin can now be reset in the in game tablet menu (Needs a save and load from the save)
– Fixed Resource generator should work properly now
– Fixed some little things i have forgotten about after fixing

change log : Version 0.69 (patreon beta)
– Added about 5000 VN frames
– Added 1 new device to wear for the girls
– Added cheating menu for resources (use the tablet in game)
– Added new part of the new pirate base to explore
– Added several new clothing items to the game (needs story progression) + new pirate base part
– Added 2 new machine to place (needs story progression)
– Added ability to change breast size of Yukari (needs story progression)
– Added new dialouge options (needs story progression)

Hope i did not added too much bugs xD
And please tell me if i did so i can fix this ^_^