Malden-Wars (Round bases strategy flash game with Monstergirls Part 1)

Malden-Wars is the first game of the series it features a little visual novel storys and a Round-based strategy game.
You are Farren Trend a soldier of the demon lords army in the rank of a captian.You have been given a mission to capture the island of Malden who is still held by the forces of The Order.
Currently you are on a ship who sails to this island with your squads on board.

– the game is quite easy you should have no problems to defeat the Order.
– Filesize 28 Mbyte
– Flash based (playable in browser)
– To use save function Cookies must be enabled!
– Pictures taken from Imperialism 2 & & this forum(the Monstergirls)
– developing time : half a year
– no sounds till now because lack of time

Play Malden wars in browser (needs flash)

Some screenshots :