Milky Ways 1.00 Final

So here it is… After 4 years of development, I call it -done- time to head for new endeavors.

Download WIN 64 (Pcloud)
Download WIN 64 (MEGA)




The changelog of course :
change log : Version 1.00 Final version

– Added about 100 VN frames (Mostly generic VN frames)

– Added the elevated XXX chair as buildable item (needs finish of main story)

– Added a new lingerie suit (needs finish of main story)

– Fixed several hashtable related issues

So… for the final version I quickly built in one last device the player can just be built once the main story is finished and one last very sexy lingerie outfit which needs to be found first. (hint.. It is near the place where the 3d Printer is)

For my next game, I go for the third person route and with a female protagonist this time. I already have a world which i will need to populate with buildings and stuff and this will be my main work for the next weeks. Then I need to update the scripts and models.

This means that for the next months I will not do an alpha or beta release since… Well… I have nothing to release yet >_ I need to build the game first (at least until i can say that I have around 30 min of playtime or more).

But as always, I will keep you informed every weekend about the current status of the new project.

Milky ways open beta 0.84

So , new Milky Ways public version is out (Version 0.84)
Link to my patreon post

Patreon post with download links

What is actually new in this version since the last public version ?
Juna is now also a milky maid (so to speak) and with this comes all the generic events that the other girls can do too.
+ advancements in the main story line and a monopoly minigame.. a kind of lewd one xD

Milky Ways version 0.75.5

So , new Milky Ways public version is out (Version 75.5)
Link to my patreon post

Or for the ones who want to download it directly :

Download Win 64 (mega)
Download Win 64 (alternative link)

Linux and Mac versions are as always unsupported.

Download MAC
Download MAC (alternative link)

Download Linux
Download LInx (alternative link)

What is actually new in this version since the last public version ?
Mainly the 3rd person bondage spy minigame , i added a savegame from the end of the last public beta so you can just dive into the minigame if you want to:
Furthermore i added a minor sidequest for Maya in which she gets all wrapped up and stuff xD

An i added a minimap button : M
And i fixed some bugs but this is all in the changelog
Have fun guys.

Milky Ways public beta 0.70.1

Open beta of Milky ways version 70.1

Download win 64bit : Download

Download MAC (unsupported) : Download

Download LINUX (unsupported) : Download

change log : Version 0.70.1
– Fixed A serious issue with the AI life system which corrupted the game and savefiles
– Fixed When played in one sitting , th chasitzy suit was not able to be given to Maya

change log : Version 0.70
– Added about 300 VN frames (only generic , no story events)
– Added Syringe can now be used as generic event
– Added Maya and Malia will now interact with each other (Maya needs to be in the Yukaris base)
– Added Clothing option : No cloththing xD (Maya needs to be in the Yukaris base)
– Added Yukari can also interact but must be questioned first
– Added Yukaris skin can now be reset in the in game tablet menu (Needs a save and load from the save)
– Fixed Resource generator should work properly now
– Fixed some little things i have forgotten about after fixing

change log : Version 0.69 (patreon beta)
– Added about 5000 VN frames
– Added 1 new device to wear for the girls
– Added cheating menu for resources (use the tablet in game)
– Added new part of the new pirate base to explore
– Added several new clothing items to the game (needs story progression) + new pirate base part
– Added 2 new machine to place (needs story progression)
– Added ability to change breast size of Yukari (needs story progression)
– Added new dialouge options (needs story progression)

Hope i did not added too much bugs xD
And please tell me if i did so i can fix this ^_^

Milky Ways Public beta 0.57

So.. here it is , the open beta of 0.57.

Download win 64bit : Download

Download MAC (unsupported) : Download

Download LINUX (unsupported) : Download

Change log : Version 0.57
– Added about 500 VN frames
– Added 1 new clothing to find in the old pirate base
– Added 1 new device to wear for the girls
– Added 2 new generic lewd scenes
– Added Player will receive a map item where all the resource drill positions are marked (can also be added by using the tablet ingame)
– Added a function which ables the player to ask a girl to do a autonomous AI life event
– Fixed Maya can now equip the tentacle tail after unique event
– Fixed many little things i have forgotten about after fixing
– Fixed Tentacle tail will now occupy both orifices

change log : Version 0.55 (Closed beta)
– Added about 5500 VN frames
– Added 2 new devices to place
– Added more save slots
– Added 1 new device to wear for the girls
– Added second part of the new pirate base
– Added new dialouge options (needs story progression)
– Added several new clothing items to the game (needs story progression)
– Added A new way to generate metal (a tip.. the crashed vehicle and the nomad module)
– Added Void helmet now useable on Malia and Maya (currently limited usage and needs story progression)
– Added a few new clothing items
– Fixed While beeing in first person event the hair of the protagonist would sometimes show
– Fixed many little things i have forgotten about after fixing
– Fixed a bug which caused the inventroy to show up dring the use of the 3d printer

Hope i did not added too much bugs xD
And please tell me if i did so i can fix this ^_^

Milky Ways Public beta 0.42

Released the public beta for Milky ways version 0.42 for everyone.

Yukari in Succubus cosplay

Download link (win 64 bit)

…or visit the patreon post about it

Overall story frames : 7600

Packed Size 2.02 GB

Unpacked Size : 6.07 GB

change log : Version 0.42 (open beta)

– Added 300 VN frames for main story (overall 7600 frames)

– Updated inventory is now scrollable with mouse wheel

– Updated 3d printer list is now scrollable with mouse wheel

– Fixed tons of little things (big thanks to the closed beta testers)

– Fixed Generic Pillory event is now Finish-able with Malia

– Fixed Game can now be saved if the Tentacle shower or the Sybian has been picked up

– Fixed Yoke will not be consumed if a girl uses the Tentacle shower#

– Fixed Player counts now as a navmesh object and can not be pushed away by npcs anymore.

change log : Version 0.4 (closed beta)

– Added about 3200 VN frames

– Added 3 new devices to place

– Added more save slots

– Added ability to change clothes on the girls (needs story progression)

– Added first part of the new pirate base

– Added new dialouge options (needs story progression)

– Added several new clothing items to the game (needs story progression)

– Added spellcheck tool (just like in AATOFL)

– Added bouncy things… maybe a bit too much >_< - Added ability to change Yukaris skin into a human form - Fixed Malia and her roof shenanigans - Fixed some navmesh issues - Fixed A bug in the storymod programm which deselects the current textbox if the first letter has been written - Added a fix to activate in the tablet menu to restart the metal mining drone (if you have a old save an the minig drone is not moving)

Milky Ways alpha 0.2

promo main img

Time for a new naughty game :)

This time you play as Marc , a voluntary test subject for a new vaccine.
Just wanting to do something else than the usuall work on a spacestation and maybe having a shot at the CORE android on the planet.
But… you really hope the vaccine works… like intended.

Some technical details :

– About 3000 VN frames.
– 5 GB unpacked
– Using DX 11
– Needs about 5! GB of RAM (heavy texture load , please consider to use the half texture resolution load!)

Known bugs :

– Performance is very low due to high polygon 3dChars from Daz3d ( i did not optimized the models itself only the clothes a bit)
– My engrish is… ahmm.. xD
– Loading time for a savegame is horrible slow , thank Unity 3d For this! (C# related)

change log : initial version 0.2

– added about 3000 VN frames
– added A few restrain devices which can be found /unlocked in the story

A few hints for newcomers :

Press tabluator for the inventory , quest and minimap
Press Q to skip through the dialouge
F5 to F8 is quicksave and F9 to F12 is quickload

Download (Win 64) : Download win 64 build

Here are some screens and background informations

Android Yukari , A member of CORE (Centralalized Organisation of Robotic Evolution) and the current *manager* of the island.

Malia , the free spirit of the island and also a former test subject for the first vaccine (which was targeted only for human females)

Maya , a researcher CORE hired to research the new materials on the island. She s also tries to make herself a name by finding a new material.

Juna is the heir of a little family business and now manages her own business remotely from the island. She is mostly here to escape the busy business life.

and a few more screens :

AATOFL version 0.96 (final release canidate)

Kind of late updating this but i thought nobody visits this site anyway >_< Anyway , AATOFL 0.96 is the final release candiate and i added the final chapter as well as a ending. I also released a patch for this version which will fix the placement of devices from the command section. Anyway , here are the download links AATOFL 0.96 (windows 64bit)
AATOFL 0.96.2 Patch for Windows 64 bit version
AATOFL 0.96 (linux , not tested)
AATOFL 0.96 (MAC , untested)

As always , the Linux and Mac versions are untested and unsupported since i do not own a pc with either Linux or/and Mac on it.(and it will only costs too much time anyway)

The current development status so far :
– Feature complete beta
– about 25000 VN frames
– about 5 GB unpacked /1.8GB packed
– Using DX 11
– Needs > 5 GB of RAM (heavy texture load , Please consider to use half texture resolution option in menu)

Change log : 0.95 to 0.96 (Final release canidate)
– Fixed : Plant threesome scene will not trigger after loading a old savegame
– Fixed : Plant threesome scene first unique event
– Fixed : Aemi’s lingerie should now be visible after command section story
– Fixed : Symbiotic suit should now be visible after loading a savegame
– Fixed : Many little things and story blockers if forgot about >_<

New public AATOFL version 0.54

I uploaded a new public version for AATOFL : Link to more informations and the download links

Here are all the changes from 0.35 to 0.54 so far:

Change log : 0.53 to 0.54
– Fixed : Aemi’s generic immobilisation attach event should now work correctly
– Fixed : Free romaing dialouge box scrolling was not responding as planned
– Fixed : Towerdefense -> lowered navmesh radius so constructor *should* not get stuck anymore (i hope xD)
– Fixed : After 3D printer event the *find VIvian’S normal plugs* should now work agaion without getting the player stuck
– Added : Lip color changer device in crew quarters
– Added : About 200 VN frames (Lip stick device event)

Change log : 0.45 to 0.53
– Added : About 2600 VN frames (free roaming mode mostly)
– Added : Metal armbinders
– Added : A special attachment for the Metal armbinders
– Added : New special shaped plugs for Vivian and Aemi
– Added : The simple bondage thing from Vivians Cabin as generic event
– Added : The towerdefense game (currently only as unqie event)
– Added : The Xcross Table (only avaliable after towerdefense game)
– Added : Savegame alternative workaround (mostly for Linux and MAC users)
– Added : More events for the AI live script (mostly for the new toys)
– Added : Some clothes for Vivian and Aemi (after towerdefense game)
– Fixed : Several issues with the free roaming mode AI live scripts
– Fixed : Many little bugs ^_^
– Changed : Some technical things for the AI live script (those are the things you do not see xD)

-Tips for the towerdefense game section-
– Where to find :Event starts in the sex android shop in the crew quarters (the VR devices) ,speak with Aemi ,look into your ship and then speak with Aemi again.
– Some gameplay tips :
– You can build two fast shot towers in the begining
– After that build a shield and then.. ahm.. play.. (it is very easy…i hope >_<) - Enemys can be stopped with the ice cannon (but they will destroy the cannon if they gor trapped and are near enough for hit) - Enemys can destroy the shields (but the shieldcharges will stay) - You can cheat with ctrl+W and ctrl+L =] Change log : 0.35 to 0.45 - Added : About 2500 VN frames (free roaming mode and story) - Added : Crew quarter section and story - Added : Milk machine generic event - Added : Armbinder (only the rope for now) - Added : More AI live events - Added : one more teasing event for Aemi/Vivian - Added : A few more clothing options - Added : Chastity trail minigame (only used in the story currently) - Added : Several little things i forgot >_< - Added : Selfbondage AI live events (can be disallowed after crew quarter section story) - Fixed : Several issues with the free roaming mode AI live script - Fixed : Aemis hancuff event can now be finished - Fixed : Several clipping issues (mostly doors) - Changed : Many events , if the armbinders are equiped (hope i got all xD) - Changed : More time for the hacking game

New public version of AATOFL version 0.35

I recently uploaded a new publuic version for all of you.
Download link and description -> Download and description

here are the changes so far :
Change log : 0.30 to 0.35
– Added : About 1500 VN frames (free roaming mode)
– Added : Alien plant generic events
– Added : Parasite event for Aemi and Vivian
– Added : Enema machine event for Aemi and Vivian
– Added : A communication device to call the girls (talk with Aemi to get it)
– Added : Vivians red strap suit to re-equip for Vivian
– Added : Event to remotely activate the vibration dildos (use communication device from Aemi and find the old vibrator controler before)
– Added : An alternative of my spellcorrection tool to the zip package , created by Alexandr Romanenko
– Added : All gifs i have every created for the game in the zip package
– Added : A simple loading screen for the game
– Applied : Bugspray..

Change log : 0.26 to 0.30
– Added : About 2000 VN frames (free roaming mode)
– Fixed : Hydroponic androids should no long go back to their fighting postions
– Added : Ring gag for free roaming mode
– Added : shower Event for Free roaming mode
– Added : More playtime events to help the girls relive their tension
– Added : One more clothing set for Aemi and Vivian
– Solved : After last event of enema device the buttons where still selectable
– Added : A function to extract all the story lines (press F3 while in a VN event)
– Added : The organic symbiotic suit for Aemi and Vivian
– Applied : Bugspray..
– Fixed : Hydroponic deck story quest was still selectable after the quest was done
– Added : restrain machine for Aemi and Vivian
– Added : new voice for Vivian from One of my Patreons : Maeve 😀

Change log : 0.25 to 0.26 (beta)
– Added : A Collar for the girls to find by the player
– Added : about 100 VN frames (free roaming mode)
– Added : a few Setting for the Assembly line sex machine
– Added : girls can now use the Assembly line sex machine of their own (player can set if orgasm is allowed)
– Solved : occlusion bug in the laboratory observation chambers
– Fixed : Bugspray.. so much bugspray.. :(
– Added : Hygene value (will increase overtime and determine when the girls need to go to shower)

Change log : 0.17_1 to 0.25 (beta)
– Added : various naughty machines and devices for the hydroponic deck story xD
– Added : about 2000 Vn frames For hydroponic deck story
– Solved : bug -> remove devices menu appear without devices
– Added : start game button in start menu
– Added : option to raise more than 1 $ in poker game
– Fixed : Fix camera on fight start
– Fixed : Make notes fronm former base members bigger(I guess thei could not bee read)
– Fixed : Make the textbox a bit smaller to have more space for the actual 3d game
– Added : add alternative *next frame* event by pressing spacebar
– Added : Disable android gameobject after second battle
– Added : 4 more savegame slots (i really need to think about a more common interface with a slider or something=
– Fixed : Various issues wit the free roaming mode
– Fixed : Various too big textures (4K) for too much gameobjects (Just a bit optimization)
– Added : One easteregg for you too find (requires free raoming mode) (cookie for the one who get the reference)