Love : A descent to madness (Flash based yandere )Visual novel

Love : A descent to madness

This is a really short Mini VN containing a short yandere story.
To be honest i think it isnĀ“t that good but at best you decide yourself.
WARNING : includes violence!

The story revolves about Isaac Gaulthier, he moved back to his village where he grown up to see an his old girlfriend named Nicole.

Play in browser (needs Flash)
OR see a playthrough from Abliss 85 on You tube

-flashbased ( like always, playable in browser)
-Filesize : 30Mb
-Overall-frames : 700
-Number of endings : 3
-Made for screensize : 800×600
Programms used :
-> 3D costume girl
-> Flash
-> Arma 2
-> Sandbox 3
Music taken from : Harem party & Stalker COP & Dead space