Mamono-Wars (Round bases strategy flash game with Monstergirls Part 2)

Mamono wars is the second game of the series and features a RPG style based fight system and a little Round-based strategy game.
It also features a function which enables you to use your own selfmade unit/commander.

Story : A few days after the actions on Malden Colonel Trend has been called back to ensure his loyalty to the Demon Lord.Meanwhile The Order is trying to make a last move with the help of some inhuman entities.
Details :
– Flashbased (Playable in browser)
– Filesize : 34 MB + 3 MB map
– Number of Storyframes : 2700
– Made for screensize : 1024×768
– Development time : 6 months
– No unit sounds because lack of time (and i didnĀ“t found any useful ones)
– To use save function Cookies must be enabled!
– Playtime 40 mins (if you are a fast one xD)

Play Mamono wars in browser (needs flash)
Own commander tutorial (you need to upload a image yourself since i do not have my picture server anymore)
Own commander tutorial on you tube

Abliss also made a playthrough through this one xD

Some screenshots: