Milky Ways Public beta 0.42

Released the public beta for Milky ways version 0.42 for everyone.

Yukari in Succubus cosplay

Download link (win 64 bit)

…or visit the patreon post about it

Overall story frames : 7600

Packed Size 2.02 GB

Unpacked Size : 6.07 GB

change log : Version 0.42 (open beta)

– Added 300 VN frames for main story (overall 7600 frames)

– Updated inventory is now scrollable with mouse wheel

– Updated 3d printer list is now scrollable with mouse wheel

– Fixed tons of little things (big thanks to the closed beta testers)

– Fixed Generic Pillory event is now Finish-able with Malia

– Fixed Game can now be saved if the Tentacle shower or the Sybian has been picked up

– Fixed Yoke will not be consumed if a girl uses the Tentacle shower#

– Fixed Player counts now as a navmesh object and can not be pushed away by npcs anymore.

change log : Version 0.4 (closed beta)

– Added about 3200 VN frames

– Added 3 new devices to place

– Added more save slots

– Added ability to change clothes on the girls (needs story progression)

– Added first part of the new pirate base

– Added new dialouge options (needs story progression)

– Added several new clothing items to the game (needs story progression)

– Added spellcheck tool (just like in AATOFL)

– Added bouncy things… maybe a bit too much >_< - Added ability to change Yukaris skin into a human form - Fixed Malia and her roof shenanigans - Fixed some navmesh issues - Fixed A bug in the storymod programm which deselects the current textbox if the first letter has been written - Added a fix to activate in the tablet menu to restart the metal mining drone (if you have a old save an the minig drone is not moving)