Love : A desperate addiction (3D-Yandere-Visual novel)

Love : A desperate addiction

A little 3d visual novel containing Mamonos and Yandere based story.
This one took much time due to my bachelor degree and a terrible crash of Unity3d.

Download Zip file

OR see a playthrough from Abliss 85 on You tube

System Requirements :
– A CPU with at least a bit speed
– Graphic card with DX 9.0c
– About 1 GB RAM
– HDD : 1.15 Gb

ESC – >Quits programm immediately
W A S D -> as usual
Spacebar -> Jump
CTRL -> SKIP VN text
TAB -> Open inventory
E -> Trigger even(when a 3D sign pops up!)
F -> Open Music player
F1 -> Show help screen
F2 -> Auto text active
F5 -> F8 save
F9 -> F12 Load