Milky Ways 1.00 Final

So here it is… After 4 years of development, I call it -done- time to head for new endeavors.

Download WIN 64 (Pcloud)
Download WIN 64 (MEGA)




The changelog of course :
change log : Version 1.00 Final version

– Added about 100 VN frames (Mostly generic VN frames)

– Added the elevated XXX chair as buildable item (needs finish of main story)

– Added a new lingerie suit (needs finish of main story)

– Fixed several hashtable related issues

So… for the final version I quickly built in one last device the player can just be built once the main story is finished and one last very sexy lingerie outfit which needs to be found first. (hint.. It is near the place where the 3d Printer is)

For my next game, I go for the third person route and with a female protagonist this time. I already have a world which i will need to populate with buildings and stuff and this will be my main work for the next weeks. Then I need to update the scripts and models.

This means that for the next months I will not do an alpha or beta release since… Well… I have nothing to release yet >_ I need to build the game first (at least until i can say that I have around 30 min of playtime or more).

But as always, I will keep you informed every weekend about the current status of the new project.