Milky Ways version 0.75.5

So , new Milky Ways public version is out (Version 75.5)
Link to my patreon post

Or for the ones who want to download it directly :

Download Win 64 (mega)
Download Win 64 (alternative link)

Linux and Mac versions are as always unsupported.

Download MAC
Download MAC (alternative link)

Download Linux
Download LInx (alternative link)

What is actually new in this version since the last public version ?
Mainly the 3rd person bondage spy minigame , i added a savegame from the end of the last public beta so you can just dive into the minigame if you want to:
Furthermore i added a minor sidequest for Maya in which she gets all wrapped up and stuff xD

An i added a minimap button : M
And i fixed some bugs but this is all in the changelog
Have fun guys.