AATOFL version 0.96 (final release canidate)

Kind of late updating this but i thought nobody visits this site anyway >_< Anyway , AATOFL 0.96 is the final release candiate and i added the final chapter as well as a ending. I also released a patch for this version which will fix the placement of devices from the command section. Anyway , here are the download links AATOFL 0.96 (windows 64bit)
AATOFL 0.96.2 Patch for Windows 64 bit version
AATOFL 0.96 (linux , not tested)
AATOFL 0.96 (MAC , untested)

As always , the Linux and Mac versions are untested and unsupported since i do not own a pc with either Linux or/and Mac on it.(and it will only costs too much time anyway)

The current development status so far :
– Feature complete beta
– about 25000 VN frames
– about 5 GB unpacked /1.8GB packed
– Using DX 11
– Needs > 5 GB of RAM (heavy texture load , Please consider to use half texture resolution option in menu)

Change log : 0.95 to 0.96 (Final release canidate)
– Fixed : Plant threesome scene will not trigger after loading a old savegame
– Fixed : Plant threesome scene first unique event
– Fixed : Aemi’s lingerie should now be visible after command section story
– Fixed : Symbiotic suit should now be visible after loading a savegame
– Fixed : Many little things and story blockers if forgot about >_<