8 thoughts on “Hello world”

  1. Hi, first I must say that you made a great game, thx for that. Now for my problem, I stuck in game: when Victor wake up, and eat somenting in his ship, next quest log say: can go to laboratory and maintrance section and search for somethin helpfull, also can speak with Aemi and Vivian….. I was trying to find anything, but I dont find anything, and also cant talk to girls?…any help? Thx

    1. You reached the end of the current version 0.15 xD
      Normaly a text would appear on the bottom of the screen which will tell you that you reached the end of the current version :)

      Seems like the trigger is kind of buggy for this text.

    1. First i have to finish AATOFL and then i will decide what i will work on.
      MOND isn’t my only project you know :)

      Maybe i will continue cell shock.. maybe Mamono wars maybe a new Yandere VN or Undefined fate.. i don’t know ^_^

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