Version 0.12 ready to download

Uploaded version 0.12

changes :

– i think i have found the reason why objects did not appear anymore and got rid of it.. at least i hope so. (need a confirmation xD)

– A bit story progression and one optional lewd scene with Aemi and a optional scene with Vivian

– changed a bit technically stuff-

+ i left you a savegame from the end of version 0.10 so you can just play from this savegame on.

(pleae do not use old savegames since there are missing the whole fight variables)

Download here :Link to the project page

3 thoughts on “Version 0.12 ready to download”

    1. I think i will relase then next version this month (April) with a bit story progression before my Vacation is over and i have to work again in my day job :(

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