New public version of AATOFL version 0.35

I recently uploaded a new publuic version for all of you.
Download link and description -> Download and description

here are the changes so far :
Change log : 0.30 to 0.35
– Added : About 1500 VN frames (free roaming mode)
– Added : Alien plant generic events
– Added : Parasite event for Aemi and Vivian
– Added : Enema machine event for Aemi and Vivian
– Added : A communication device to call the girls (talk with Aemi to get it)
– Added : Vivians red strap suit to re-equip for Vivian
– Added : Event to remotely activate the vibration dildos (use communication device from Aemi and find the old vibrator controler before)
– Added : An alternative of my spellcorrection tool to the zip package , created by Alexandr Romanenko
– Added : All gifs i have every created for the game in the zip package
– Added : A simple loading screen for the game
– Applied : Bugspray..

Change log : 0.26 to 0.30
– Added : About 2000 VN frames (free roaming mode)
– Fixed : Hydroponic androids should no long go back to their fighting postions
– Added : Ring gag for free roaming mode
– Added : shower Event for Free roaming mode
– Added : More playtime events to help the girls relive their tension
– Added : One more clothing set for Aemi and Vivian
– Solved : After last event of enema device the buttons where still selectable
– Added : A function to extract all the story lines (press F3 while in a VN event)
– Added : The organic symbiotic suit for Aemi and Vivian
– Applied : Bugspray..
– Fixed : Hydroponic deck story quest was still selectable after the quest was done
– Added : restrain machine for Aemi and Vivian
– Added : new voice for Vivian from One of my Patreons : Maeve 😀

Change log : 0.25 to 0.26 (beta)
– Added : A Collar for the girls to find by the player
– Added : about 100 VN frames (free roaming mode)
– Added : a few Setting for the Assembly line sex machine
– Added : girls can now use the Assembly line sex machine of their own (player can set if orgasm is allowed)
– Solved : occlusion bug in the laboratory observation chambers
– Fixed : Bugspray.. so much bugspray.. :(
– Added : Hygene value (will increase overtime and determine when the girls need to go to shower)

Change log : 0.17_1 to 0.25 (beta)
– Added : various naughty machines and devices for the hydroponic deck story xD
– Added : about 2000 Vn frames For hydroponic deck story
– Solved : bug -> remove devices menu appear without devices
– Added : start game button in start menu
– Added : option to raise more than 1 $ in poker game
– Fixed : Fix camera on fight start
– Fixed : Make notes fronm former base members bigger(I guess thei could not bee read)
– Fixed : Make the textbox a bit smaller to have more space for the actual 3d game
– Added : add alternative *next frame* event by pressing spacebar
– Added : Disable android gameobject after second battle
– Added : 4 more savegame slots (i really need to think about a more common interface with a slider or something=
– Fixed : Various issues wit the free roaming mode
– Fixed : Various too big textures (4K) for too much gameobjects (Just a bit optimization)
– Added : One easteregg for you too find (requires free raoming mode) (cookie for the one who get the reference)