Patch for version 0.17 to 0.17_1

A little patch for you to fix some issues with the story and stuff…

version 0.17 to 0.17_1
– Fixed some minor issues with the story
– Added : you can now Ask Aemi to wear her BDSM suit again (only if she is aroused)
– Added : Start game button if you are not able to use the Mesh buttons at the start of the game

Download patch zip file

Released Version 0.17

This is the mini free roaming update after you have captured the laboratory section with Aemi.

this is a description

I hope i ironed the most heavy bugs out but i belive you will find plenty of them ^_^

The current changes so far :
Change log : 0.15 to 0.17

– added about 2000 VN frames (generic mostly)
– added chastity clothes for Vivian and Aemi
– added Mini Free roaming mode
– added a placeable lightsource (Placeable only in a limited area)
– added a placeable machine to use for Aemi and Vivian (Placeable only in a limited area)
– added a placeable pokertable to play with Aemi and Vivian (Placeable only in a limited area)
– added a runtime spellcorrection system (This feature can be turned off/on) (Press F3 and change text manually -> all changes will be saved in a textfield called SPELLCORRECTION.txt)
– added a menu to turn on/off the player headbob while walking
– added a menu to avoid text completition on second click.
– show Aroused debug value for NPC with F4
– toggle main gui with page down and page up buttons on keyboard

If you want to play with Vivian and Aemi you need to get them into the mood by providing them some… clothes and tools so their bodys are getting more aroused.

Download Mega : Download
Download Google Drive : Download

…and since many people asked where my Patreon page is… i created one now : my patreon page

Released Version 0.15

Okay this one is just a bit story progression.
aemi on machine

Download link : Download v 0.15
Download link : Google drive

change log : 0.12 to 0.15

– added about 500 VN frames (story stuff)
– added some more clothings for Aemi
– fixed : if minihack game will be done two times in one run
– fixed : some technical things xD

I deactivated the free romaing mode for now because Aemi would be the only one you can talk with (currently )
And i have to add more stuff and… yes.. add things xD

Annnddd… very important -> The RAM usage is.. autsch.. > 5 Gb so you should consider to use the half texture resolution mode for the game.

Version 0.12 ready to download

Uploaded version 0.12

changes :

– i think i have found the reason why objects did not appear anymore and got rid of it.. at least i hope so. (need a confirmation xD)

– A bit story progression and one optional lewd scene with Aemi and a optional scene with Vivian

– changed a bit technically stuff-

+ i left you a savegame from the end of version 0.10 so you can just play from this savegame on.

(pleae do not use old savegames since there are missing the whole fight variables)

Download here :Link to the project page